London Market Venues

London Market Venues

Looking at the possibilities and problems of creative responses to a public site. I went to Porotobello Road Market, to see how people interact with artwork.

Before this on Tuesday I collaborated with Abi and Laura to create a impermanent installation which could create a contrast in a space, to do this we used bright silver insulation paper to create a centre piece and white paper on the walls. To encourage people to enter the space we placed leaves and footprints on the floor to make a contrast.

To make people interact with the artwork at Portobello Market we created the same installation but using a clothes rail from a stall in the market. While arranging the work, I filmed people who were watching and talking about are installation.

We then move onto a side road parallel to the market, this made people look at the work we had some positive reaction of people interacting with the work until two street cleaners came and put the installation into a bin. This showed us that some people saw it as art, and other people saw it as rubbish.

I then moved on to do charcoal drawings from the side of a market stall. To allow people interact and look with my work I placed the drawings on a phone box on the Main Street.

Moving around the market was also an interesting experience. I filmed a short passage around the market from the view from my eye level.


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