Summer Project Internship at New Ashgate Gallery

Task 1: New Ashgate Gallery

During my work experience I had the opportunity to work at the New Ashgate Gallery Farnham in two different rolls. The first five days of my work experience consisted of working in the gallery chatting to the public and selling works from paintings and ceramics to prints and jewellery. The next part of the experience was setting up and curating a new exhibition at the gallery.I organised the first part of the work experience by contacting Alice one of the Arts consults at the gallery. My Role for this was that of a gallery assistant the gallery was extremely quite for most of the week with only a few members of the public coming into the gallery, despite this we still sold a few paintings by the artist Barry Patterson. For the second part of the work experience I was invited back to work at the gallery for two days to set up a new exhibitions by the artists Fiona Millais, Sonia Rollo and Myung Nam. I found these two days more interesting, and helping curate the three exhibitions gave me new skills, learning about different ways of fixing work to the wall and the importance the curation has on the impact of the exhibition. I would say that my presence was more useful to the gallery on my second visit over the first. I was involved in the takedown of the last exhibition and repainting the gallery walls ready for the next exhibition to be set up. These actions were pretty standard, like we do before exhibitions at uni, so it was a useful transfer of my skills. When it came to the set up for the exhibition of ceramic artist Myung Nam’s exhibition it became more challenging, as her requirements where for the pieces all to be wall mounted.

new 1

Myung Nam’s set up of exhibition

The setting up for Fiona Millais exhibition Viewpoint was a lot easier. During this set up I was able to helped with the curating more. There were a selection of 30 canvases only 26 of which would be hung. With help from the artist, both art consultants and gallery director we slowly started grouping the abstract painting into groups of three.

new 2.

Fiona Millais Tide Pool (2015)

new 3

Curating Fiona Millais View Point Exhibition

My first week at the gallery was more about interacting with the public and selling the painting of artists like Barry Patterson, it was interesting to see how the art consonants sell these pieces for £1,000+. I also curated a mini print exhibition during this week too, as the gallery sells these along side major pieces of work so there is a range of art in different price brackets to suit all members of the public.

new 4

Barry Patterson Still Life with White Varse 2015

During my time at the New Ashgate Gallery I gained lots of skills, experience and also a few contacts. Furthermore I learnt the best time to do a selling exhibition is in October/ November time as the summer is never a popular time to sell work. Also having a detailed gallery plan showing where each piece of work is going helps when you have lots of work to set up, as well as the importance of Interacting with artist before hanging their work.


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