1 Hour Project in response to research on Sigmar Polke Work

1From the research the two main points I brought into this piece of work was the colour gold mainly because of its religious context and also the Contrasts between the colours in Len Lye video pieces. This gave me the idea of the use of intervention in art, and how to intervene art with a site. This picture was taken outside a Church in Farnham, the gold rectangle is set against the also rigid format of the building but contrasts with the shadow and the tree. This piece is not good enough by its self but could be included in a large bank of images with the gold rectangle in at other locations.


I displayed the image on the gold rectangle but contrasting it of the position in the picture. A projection onto the gold surface will create a link with the writings of Stan Douglas and the “art of Projection” where he investigates the history and the state of projected images in the art world. 


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