Glorifying the Everyday


A quick response to Sigmar Polke work Untitled (Square 2). Here I am Objectifying an everyday object a coke can and wrapping this object in a precious metal Gold Leaf which also makes the usual solid structure of the can feel fragile and delicate. The colours in Sigmar Polke painting are bold and contrasting the use of the Gold dripping paint references the work of religious painting. Also the colour and movement the brush strokes make are similar to Len Lye videos Kaleidoscope,  here the 3 main colours gold, silver and red not only link to religion but also the gold and silver of expensive materials.


Len Lye Colour Flight (1938)

While watching Len Lye Film Colour Flight and his use of colours and movement i took his idea of layering into this piece on how to display it. The Gold leaf can sit on top of a polystyrene tile then another tile is covered in gold leaf which sits on a gold board. While reflecting on this work the use of gold it to prominent and if another bold colour is brought in would improve the relationships between the materials.



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