Cement Paintings

While still looking at Sigmar Polke work we have been given a new task to create 4 final pieces by the end of the week which still links my research. I feel that the painting by Polke is not structured in a usual manner eg. Foreground and background which is similar to Stan Brakhage films because he did not care about plot lines and finishes in his films and wanted the viewer to be confused which links to Polke work. This influenced me to work with cement on a canvas so there would be no foreground or background and would be about the materiality of the work.


The first Painting was with the normal everyday grey cement which I spread with my hands around the canvas, this makes the foreground and background kinetic. With this I incorporated the gold leaf square in the work which gives a religious connection. This intervention creates a moment of ‘why is this there’ because the rest of the painting is dull and and grey this shiny precious object is in contrast to the normal every day of the cement.

For the next Canvas I mixed up a white cement mix. This gives a minimalist link to the artwork and also links back to Freuds work on dreams.


While looking back at the Polke Painting the (Untitled) Square 2 the illustration of the angels wing also links with Freuds Dreams and also to religion. The intervention on this painting will be a Christmas Tree Angel which will hang over the canvas. This also creates a moment hopefully the viewer is confused by but then links it back to my work.


Untitled (Square 2) 2003 Sigmar Polke 1941-2010 Purchased with assistance from Tate Members, Noam and Geraldine Gottesman and private donors courtesy of the American Patrons of Tate 2004 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T11856


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