Belief Systems (2015) Group Crit Exhibition


Here is the final piece of work from my first project of the term Belief System (2015), comes from the research of theroists Freud and also Aldous Huxley work about dreams and stages where your mind drifts into the unknown. This combining with my research from the Artists Sigmar Polke, Len Lye and Stan Brakhage made me create this materiality based piece of work.


The White cement on canvas is the main body of the work, the texture the material created was somehow structured this linked well to the material as cement is a hard materials and also usually used in a crude way, but by placing it onto a canvas it gloryfied this every day object. I was tempted to just show the cement paiting but after some feedback from lectures while setting up was that the work would be more about the white cube rather than the material/ process behind the work. Due to this I started to play with different materials to see what else could be but on to create a different effect.


I opted for a gold leaf foil blanket to be placed draping over the work, this precocious metal is in contrast to the basic everyday cement on the canvas and this juxtaposition between the two materials works well between the sturdy cement and the fragile gold foil, I would like to continue working with contrasting materials in other work after this piece. The hanging of the gold foil was also a difficult process, at first it was covering a large part of the canvas which then made the foil the main part of the work which was not the correct contrast I wanted to show. In the end by just draping the gold foil over the left hand side with it draping over the canvas created the effect I wanted. Another interest in the work was that the gold foil reflective this then connected the whole room into the work. The gridded pattern on the foil also linked to the vertical lines on the cement which linked both materials together.


The overall response in all m crits during the last week was very positive,  the scale and boldness of my work was commented on and also was my use of materials. The main talking point was the materiality of the piece and also my use of just two materials which interested everyone. The use of the harsh concrete and the fragile gold foil was also talked quite a lot about which was interesting as I only thought about doing work about this during the set up of this piece and now this is the main interest I would like to bring forward in my work. I have not finished with ever material yet but am now interested in looking at other materials like steel and fine bone china and also maybe even glass blowing. DSC_0510


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