New Work in Studio

Brining the ideas which I discovered from last weeks crit exhibition mainly that of using contrasting materials to creative a narrative in my work. From this I decided a wall sculpture would be a good way to describe this, DSC_0532

Using this idea I created this piece of work, by using a wooden pallet to prob the cement painting up with connects the work with the floor and also the interesting stains on the wood create a juxtapose with the structured lines in both the cement painting, brick wall and also the grid in the gold foil. But the lines which have been created by panelling the wood on the pallet also link to the work which creates a link with the other materials. In my last piece I only used two materials the harsh sturdy white cement and the fragile gold leaf blanket. But by adding the pallet, the new added material is natural material which is both harsh due to the fact is been made into a pallet and also fragile due to the fact its cracking and the the base is rotten.


As more scultpural than work before I think to improve this piece is to somehow move it away from the wall, this could be done by using metal to prob the cement up, but the downside to this is that another material would be added to the sculpture and i think by using less materials create a more interesting effect.



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