Reflective Journal into my Aureis Laminis (The Gold Leaf) Series

This series of work Aureis Laminis mainly focused around the material gold leaf and the colour gold. In earlier work this term my use of the gold leaf was to cover everyday objects and make them have a greater value due to the enhancing value gold leaf has. This created a few interesting outcomes but the main focus I wanted was the gold leaf not about glorifying the everyday which is what most people thought the work was about. So by putting the gold leaf at the middle of my work would be the way forward. The materials I wanted to test the gold leaf on had to be raw materials ie. I had to make a surface out of them to place the gold leaf on not like in earlier work placing the leaf onto everyday objects.

The first material I used was clay, this natural material links to the of the gold as both have been dug out of the ground, but one has no value at all, while the gold is a precious material. This contrast between the inexpensive and precious was an interesting effect. Buy rolling out a clay square two times the size of the gold leaf and then placing the golden square in the middle made the work very symmetric. But what made this piece was the fact, over time the clay started to crack due to the heat and in the end created this cracked landscape.


Aureis Laminis I (2015)

Moving on from the natural material of clay the next surface I used to place the gold leaf was polystyrene, this material could not be any more different from the clay. This man made form is also in contrast from the gold leaf due to the fact its worthless and mainly used in packaging. Instead of using just one gold leaf in the middle of the piece like perviously I decided to cover the whole square in the gold. This was quite difficult as the leaf kept on cracking while being placed onto the surface much like the clay but without ruining the polystyrene. The overall effect of this piece was limiting, by overusing the gold leaf, the viewer was more interested in the gold rather than the surface.


Aureis Laminis II (2015)

The next material I used was plaster. This was more like the clay surface in my first part of this series of work. The actual process of making the surface interest me, so does the materiality of the work. I also went back to placing a single gold leaf in the middle of the work which was so effective in the clay piece. Due to the nature of the plaster the surface was not flat and had cracked harsh lines while adding the leaf onto the work interesting folds were created.


Aureis Laminis III (2015)

The final piece at the moment for this series surface is grey cement, but for this piece I decided to use a larger surface area than the other three. This was unsuccessful as the cement work did not look linked to the other work the only similarity was the gold leaf. This was different as it was placed at one of the top conners not in the middle. The surface itself was really interesting as there is connotations to building and construction. When I come back and revisit the series in a few months time my first thing will be to create the same cement surface but on the same size square like in the other 3 works.


Aureis Laminis IV (2015)

In conclusion, the choice of surface materials has created an interesting start to this series. I am now exploring how I can use other materials like fine bone china, cast bronze, blow glass, steel and also poured glass.


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