Reflections on Studio Work 26th-30th October 2015

Moving on from my work from the last crit exhibition, I have been beginning to defining my practice. At the moment I am writing a artist statement but so far my main points of it our my interests are mainly about the process behind creating a piece of work and also the materiality of the work is important to me, I use the materials Cement, Gold and Wood due to the fact they contrast each other I find combining different materials key to my practice. This contrast is my main interest I would like to bring forward in my work. So buy creating this start of my statement my work this week in studio has mainly been about new materials. For this week at least I wanted to get away from cement and try new materials and the proceses which are behind making them. When watching a TV documentary where I saw a wall made out of hay bales and mud, this very medieval way of making shelter was interesting but for me I wanted to use hay because its a very tactile material which is also very natural.


The hay bales were compressed but not woven so I had to weave steel wire around each bale to stop it from falling apart. This was the first man made material added to the bale. By using two different sizes of bales there was a contrast in the cubist shapes. The material I decided to cover the hay with was plaster another man made material, this was to contrast what many people would of used clay and create an illusion in my work this links back to the work of Freud and also Stan Brakhege.


From making these elements they become a sculpture in there own right, but to enhance them and also to gorlyfie them they needed a back drop which contrast with them. The hay bales before they where wrapped in steel and covered in plaster were very fragile object and now beacsue of my human intervention have become robust, so the backdrop had to be fragile. By using the gold foil which contrast with the white of the plaster and is also fragile I created a sequence of works by displaying the bales different which in the end each picture became its own piece in its own way.




From this the gold backdrops lines and folds and also how the foil became a mirror was very successful so I have now started to use the gold leaf foil as it own as a piece of art, and hopefully at some point over the next few days fill a whole room with the gold to create a interesting interacting space.



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