Private Views at the Pace Gallery and Tybrun Gallery

For these private views we went up as a group and were very ambitious at the galleries we went to.


The first one we attended was Pace Gallery which was at the Royal Academy where the Chinese Liu Jianhuna has a show. The imposing space which is the royal academy felt very formal and we were very out of place mainly because there was a big cultural difference firstly because the artist couldn’t speak any English which thus made going up to talk to him impossible, we changed to trying to speak to the Curator who was English ! But unfortunately she was very busy selling work the whole duration we were at the private view.


The work its self was very interesting all made out of porcelain and whilst we were there a few pieces were sold.


Whilst we were unsuccessful in talking to the artist, the experience of attending this event was worthwhile.

The next Private View we attended was Moffat Takadiwa Foreign Objects exhibition at the Tyburn Gallery. He is a African artist from Zimbabwe and his objects he creates are collected from the dumps in his country. After mingling for a good 30 minutes we had success after chatting to the curator Kim Stern who introduced us to Moffat.


He was very interested in talking to us and chatted to us about how he employees rubbish pickers to collect his work and also make it. Also we asked how did he know when the work was finished and he talked to us about his old work he over did the pieces and now when he thinks its finnsihed he just stops.


By attending both of these Private Views I have increased my knowledge on how events like this work. And I am looking forward to the next event.


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