Plans for Next Week

Using a Public Space to recreate the Gold Room. The first space that will be turned into gold will be the Black Box Curatorial Project at UCA Farnham. This exhibition space which is in the quad at UCA will be turned into a spectacle of gold for a few days next week. This first outing for my Gold space is to test the publics reaction to this bold statement. With the gold sheets both on the walls and the celling the contrast in the materials will be the use of hay on the floor. The only way of looking into this space will be from the window in the door. This will make the viewer have a instant reaction to the overwhelming atmosphere that will be created.

Another idea after finishing this project in the Black Box will be to create a long film of me sitting in a gold room this will be another performance but will be different to my first because the film will look like a picture as I plan not to move during the filming apart from the background which will be the gold sheets and the noise will be from a crunching sound which the metal sheets make when being folded.


Moving on from these ideas and thinking of what to show in the next crit exhibition I am looking at creating a large A0 piece of paper covered in gold so thus creating what would be a cheep bit of paper become this expensive and also exclusive item.


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