Studio Reflection 2/11/15- 6/11/15

A very busy week, mainly filled with lectures everyday introducing us to a new unit on contemporary exhibition practice a trip to London and finding time to “make art” was limiting. This “making art” is what I tried not to do these week! Shock horror I know, how do you make art when you don’t want to make art? By making a performance,  I usually rant about performance artist, how its a cop out and basically not Art. This is still my view of it but for my performance piece I did this week included my main theme of my work, materiality. So with this in mind and my current involvement with the colour gold I created a gold room.


A room that created energy and also looked so expensive and exclusive you could imagine a Billionaires house fall of gold a a bit tacky looking. But the whole room was very inexpensive, and takes the “mick” out of peoples senses that gold is expensive. After creating this space, It was time for my performance! this basically means me sitting in the space in different positions and trying to look not to awkward! What happened was quite unexpected, buy using the mirroring effect the gold sheets have in the end I had over 200 pictures of me in the space and after editing I had 19 final images from this project.














DSC_0671 DSC_0676


These pictures our exciting and also new! a performance about materiality is in the end what I created this man made material which is made to save life to become art and I use myself as a material to a natural one, so this contrast between the man made and the man. The gold blanket which saves lives lifts me to because of its, expensive looking. These series of images will become a major part of this project leading up to the crit exhibition.


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