Thursdays Crit

What was meant to be a group crit ended up as a tutorial due to no one else Turing up! But nevertheless the session was very beneficial.
Paul mainly focused on moving my project on and utilising the ideas I already had. We mainly chatted about the gold room I created. The room itself Paul thought was a interesting idea, a kinda joke about the exclusive feeling gold has and the cheap material I made the room out of. But we both decided that the use of me in the room “performing” didn’t suit the main idea.


This was that about materiality again. We chatted about other materials which could contrast the space and where else I could make the room. From public toilets to churches. All of which will be interesting to do. The materials which could contrast this bright expensive looking room could ever be hay due to its contrast of natural and the man made and also rubbish from bins highlighting the fact of the expensive and waste.



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