Black Box (Gold Box) at UCA Farnham

Transforming the normal white bland Black Box at UCA Farnham’s Quad into a Gold luxurious room. Because I want my work to be about materiality I juxtaposed this look alike expensive man made material with a cheap natural straw covered floor. Furthermore, unlike when I tested the piece in the Test Pace in the studios I covered the ceiling also in the gold foil. This transformed the space into a what could of been a billionaires over the top room. But with the use of the straw made the work more of an art piece rather than a blinged out over the top room.

The resulting piece became one of my final pieces for this project firstly because it was out of the studio space and mainly the work felt quite completed and not over done like when I took pictures of my self in the space. This time the main point of the piece was transforming the room and not about me ‘performing” in the space. The glowing of the gold was more effective at night as the golden glow created what could be a religious effect. DSC_0816











Overall challenging myself to not create art has been quite difficult but has made me create pieces that I would of never have of done. The step has made me change what I am proposing to do for the next crit show. I could still create a gold room again but I think another change in direction is needed, this time trying to recreate the idea of materiality with the use of slik screen printing. Firstly I need to find out if I can screen print onto gold leaf and if it is possible actually buying real gold this time this means buying 23ct gold leaf squares at £8 per square meaning the actual piece will get quite expensive to make.


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