Reflections on London’s Contemporary Galleries Week 3

My oppion is why look round primark when you can look doing Harrods, this is why I stayed in the west end of London again to look round the top end galleries. Maybe I stay round this part of London caus the art is where I want to be and the east is to like my work. Aspirational is probably the word for it!

Furthermore, where else in the world could you see an exhibition with Hirst, Ernst and Picasso. This was the case at the Ordovas Galleries exhibition The Big Blue which was conceived by Damien Hirst it explores the use of the sea in artist work spanning centuries.
Heaven, Damien Hirst

And across the road from this gallery was Hauser and Worth. Here like the Ordovas Gallery it was very commercial specially Anj Smith Phospher on the Palms. Where it was a modern take of portraits with mystical illustrations painted on top of them.
The whole of Hauser and Worth, was very white cube, sparse. This is typical in all the West End Gazelli Art House , Mead Carney , David Zwirner, and Spruth Magers.

At Spruth Magers, the artist Thomas Demand Latent Forms exhibition, where the gallery had changed from normal white walls to suit the work the walls were changed to a dark gray/ green print of folded paper which linked to the work of the exhibition. In my oppionion this gallery house was more about displaying the work rather than selling.

Overall the past 3 weeks of going to London galleries have been very interesting. By looking at what is big in the west end galleries which ATM looks more like foriegn artist are being displayed. But it was useful to find out what is sells in the art world which had started to influence my own work.


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