Plans For Next Week

Ideas for next week, still using the gold as the main theme in my work I am going back to using concrete as one of my materials. But this time instead of a large canvas which I used last time make two smaller square canvases one in white concrete the other in grey concrete with a polished effect and on the surface layer add gold dust powder. This then will make this normal cheap every day material into a luxurious expensive item. This might not be achievable in the week I have until the crit exhibition. So a more achievable plan for the exhibition is to gold leaf up a pillar in the exhibition space and it will be also the idea that gold should only be used on expensive items and also will be used in a useless way. To link this into my other work and the gold room I created I will put a strip of hay the same width and length on the floor running up to gold leaf pillar. This installation will hopefully work quite well for the exhibition and I will start the new gold cement paintings after the crit exhibition for maybe a group show in London in December.


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