Private View The Muse Gallery London Lost Identity by Gosia Lapsa-Malawska


A ‘Lost Identity’ in pursuit of the visual manifestations of our minds eye, those hinterlands that represent a realm of endless and unquenchable dreams.Dreams that follow us into the narratives of virtual reality, as we ever immerse ourselves in technology. The mask of our digital counterpart hides a desire to live the lives of others. Counting „likes”, „followers”, and „friends”, constantly searching for recognition, proof of our existence and an idea of self.


The Private view itself was completely different different to the other two I have been too. Firstly the gallery was more a community space, comparing this to the commercial galleries, the Muse Gallery displays work with maybe not the view to sell. After a good quarter of an hour looking around the exhibition the group of us finally cornered the Polish Artist Gosia Lapsa-Malawska who was on a 6 month residency with the gallery, In her work she uses gold and this links to my work, I asked her why she used gold in some of her work. And her reply was the same reason I use it this is because people have a perception of the value of Gold and then think the work is worth more and the status of the work is elevated. This was very interesting to find another artist who shares the same ideas I have. After this Gosia chatted to us about the residences available at the gallery after we graduate and how potentially we could hold an exhibition at the gallery. This was a really interesting trip and what I learnt was that the smaller galleries are a space which could be utilized for exhibitions over the next few years.

Also going up in a small group of only Chris, Laura and I meant that we had more time talking to the artist.



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