Artist Statement

My practice straddles the domains of sculpture, installation, and photography. This gives me a large scope to create. The materiality of the work creates a fine line between processes and art. Chance is another key part of my practice, so is the use of experimental materials.

My interests are mainly about the process behind creating a piece of work and also the materiality of the work is important to me, I use the materials Cement, Gold and Wood due because they contrast each other. I find combining different materials key to my practice. This contrast is my main interest I would like to bring forward in my work. I have not finished with the currents material I am using but I am now interested in looking at other materials like steel and fine bone china and also maybe even glass blowing.  I would like others to view my work by firstly being confused at what materials I have used and why I used them. Then next by looking more at the work finding the connections with the materials.

The writers who most in from my work at the moment is Sigmond Freud whose concepts about dreams links with the work of the theorist Aldous Huxley. Also at the moment I am researching the Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich, Sandor Ferenczi and Ernest Jones all have links to Freud but are more about the analytical side of psychology. The artists who inform my practice at the moment are Anselm Kiefer

CW Twombly and Stan Brackhage. I have arrived at this research from my last project and the artists from recent shows I have been to.


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