Studio Reflections 15/11/15 – 20/11/15

5 days to go to the crit exhibition so this week was always going to be a busy one! Then it got even more hectic as a group of us proposal for a London Exhibition was excepted!! Good news but the gallery was booked for 2nd December only 2 weeks away! This completely changed my direction of the work I was going to submit for the crit show next week. Mainly because for the London show I have to make smaller work as we are going to transport the artwork on trains. This along with a crit with the artist Paul Johnson helped me decided which idea to continue with. In my previous post I discuss how and why I made the new smaller cement paintings. Concrete only gives you one chance each pour to get things right, after it dries there is nothing you can do to change it. This unlike some materials I could of used like plaster always gives you a second chance I kinda like this “chance” I take each time I make a piece of work.  This unknown has succeeded as at first I tried to polish the surface for the cement this was unsuccessful but from this, because of chance I created what could be a long term project. Instead of polishing the surface it took parts of the cement away  which created these reliefs in the work which created a contrast of materials with the canvas and the white cement. Furthering this I then wanted to start playing with the idea of scale and positions, and also colour.  Thats why I created thin strips canvases and poured dark rich black cement to play with the viewers mind what material I am using.  The scale of these canvases juxtapose with the  two more normal size canvas and also the two colours white and black. The gold which was sprinkled onto the white and onto the black cement I placed the gold leaf onto the reliefs where the cement was. This is also a contrast between luck and then placement.


Setting up for the crit exhibition wall space was very important to me, as the set up of the piece was part of the work. Perfection was very key as the work is very simple so the hanging had to be simply done as well. Each piece is the same distance away from each other and the pillar in the middle works as it looks like part of the work separating the colour contrast from each other.  Hopefully on Monday the finishing touches will be added to the work.



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