Re Hanging work for show

Coming to the studio / exhibition space my main priority was to gold leaf the reliefs in on the small black cement. This after a hour or so work it made the pieces stand out and give them a luxurious look.


After letting the gold leaf dry I re hung the work, quite pleased with my self. But when the tutors did a quick curatorial of the space they then decided to change the layout of my work!  First I was quite annoyed as I spent most of friday hanging the work and something could of been said then! But that usually how these crit exhibitions go with the tutors leaving stuff to the last minuet. But their idea of mixing the the work together was quite interesting to be honest that was my plan for the work in London but taking their views into consideration I took down all my work and started playing a different set ups.


In the end the I set them up so it was more of a tower display, or a gallery hang like the summer exhibition at the RA.



So the work is all hung now, all in preparation for tomorrow first crit of the week.



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