Project 2: Pay Attention Reflection

Over the course of the four week project I feel like my practice has gone though a whole cycle firstly of trying not to make ‘art’ then back to making art. From pervious blogs reflecting on my studio week, I have explained my core interests which are materiality and how contrasting materials can create a juxtaposition which then can be art. These interest originate from how I look at the processes that products are made. These clear themes which in theory are now my art practice. As a maker one likes to be in complete control over the whole process in making my piece, from souring the cement and then physically mixing it by hand makes me connect with the work. My pieces usually come by chance, by making one thing I am imaging in my head then what happens by finishing the work I have made something which at first I did not plan to do.

Art the start of the project after a tutorial where I was told try not make art I went naturally to perfuming and putting my self as my art work. This firstly was not what I think art is, an thus at the start thought that I would not think what I was creating was art, but after making a room where I could perform in made this process easier.  The use of gold was a big part of the piece, and from my first attempt of doing a performance piece I moved away from performance to the creating an experience. DSC_0657

From using a studio space to using the black box to create this experience was a big turning point for me as the space was public, therefore the work had to be a finished piece. I changed parts of the work because of this to show people the work was about materiality not about gold I laid hay on the floor to create this juxtaposition in materials.


The from this I learnt about what I wanted to do make art by physically mixing the materials to make. So keeping the hay from the black box I re baled it and then covered the hay with a thick coating of plaster. By physically making this piece of work felt right. But again to make the work a piece I propped the work up with a plinth this was a mistake as putting the work on a plinth gave the work connotations to all work at exhibitions.


The use of gold again in the work was important and I wanted to play with peoples persona with the material gold. The common idea of gold is its a luxurious and exclusive material. Furthermore reading Hal Fosters essay Contemporary art and Spectacle and also The return of the real book, I thought using 2 already made materials which therefore create a spectacle out of everyday materials.  By using a pipe and the gold foil blanked I think I achieved this.


By visiting London art galleries one day a week for this project has influenced me a lot. By looking at what is happening now in the art world has made me think about what I needed to make for the end of project crit exhibition. This was to create a wall piece which could create a juxtaposition with out being to brash and in your face. This was because most of the exhibitions in London at the moment work is very subtle.


Part of this project was attending private views in London these at first sounded very daunting going to an open of exhibitions and having to talk to the artist. But these experience turned out to be very interesting not just talking to the artist about there work but also giving me confidence about myself in the art world. A think  because of this new found confidence is why a group of us started forming the idea of a London Show to start with it sounded quite daunting as taking my work out of the comfort zone of the university environment where anyone could view it felt very public but now I cant wait! with less than a week to the show the preparations are underway and hopefully it will be the first of many group shows in London.

Subversion-laura-poster (1)

Then there is the blog which we had to write for this project, there were to types of blog I could of used one was a internal university blog and and external one. By putting fist my thoughts of London exhibitions then a weekly reelections on my studio and other blog post available for all to read.

Now what I do next busy making work for London show and also waiting for a new project which we are given on Monday but more core interests will be the same and I am excited on where I will go next.


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