Making of Silk Screen Diamond Prints

Still looking at contrasting materials and also peoples perception of wealth/ stereotypes over certain materials. I purchased 5,000 fake diamonds. Each diamond by them selves looks real and also in small groups they have this effect of wealth and importance and also precociousness. But in a big group they ever look fake or very ostentatious. Thinking on how to make the viewer think these our real created a dilemma as if I displayed them as an object they would look fake and tackey. Photographing them also had this effect. The way I got round this was using silk screen printing so only the mark/ footprint of the diamond was left not the original mass. This trace which the left was small ring shape objects varying in definition by how many of the diamonds were there.


This created interesting patterns which also could be linked to maps and also masses. The colour of the ink black which I used at first I thought a striking colour would be better and nearly choose red but this would of made connotations with blood diamonds which is not what I wanted. The scale of the work was small due to the size of the silk screen, as this was a test piece not a final I started small as did not know if the method would work. As it did quite successfully I will know look at enlarging the scale of the work.





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