Making A Poster For London Show

As with making the press release our first step on designing the poster was to look at other galleries posters. The one gallery that stood out was the Whitechapel Gallery, their posters was from an image of a piece of work from the show with writing in boxes layered over the work.

1111 2

The group of us that were making the poster (Laura, Amber, Chris, John and I) thought this was a simple but effective and set about creating a photoshop file. The main poster which most of the advertising would be on was a mono-chrome shot of Laura’s paper clip cup. This with text in white boxes made the poster look professional which we need as we wanted our show to look like it was not our first.

Subversion-laura-poster (1).jpg

The layout in to separate boxes to show first the show title and also the location in the middle and most prominent part of the poster. And down the bottom we placed the times and also names of the people showing. Looking back we should of but the dates of the exhibitions in the main box so it was easily seen and not as confusing.

After seeing how succesful the poster looked printed we decided that each person showing show have a poster which had a mono-chrome picture of their work on to be displayed at the entrance to the gallery. Bellow are them


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