Review of London Exhibition Subversion 0.5

So after over a month of planing our group show is over and its time to reflect not just on my work I displayed but overviewing the whole experience. Firstly the space me and Laura found HArtsLane studios was amazing not only did they just give us the keys and lets us do anything we wanted in the space, it was a very affordable option just costing £100 to rent.

As a group we were not expecting many people to turn up to our private view as our advertising was not great but over the course of the evening nearly 30 turned up to see our work from goldsmith uni to UAL and also supporters of the studios. All the feedback I got from my work was very positive. I showed 3 pieces one a digital print of a close up shot of a gold blanket, 2 screen print of 5000 diamonds and my series of blank and white cement paintings with gold leaf. The later where from the last crit show and received a luke warm response with my piers from all 3 years really interested in them and the tutors were critical linking them to stuff put on Travel Lodges walls and very comercial. Puting these quotes aside I decided to show them and ‘put them up of HartsLanes walls’ and I happy i did taking them away from the white cube studio space gave the a different appeal which one visitor put down as ”adding perfection to a wall which is falling down and the gold leaf adds another level to the work”. The work might not of been to everyones taste at the crit show but by taking it to be displayed made the work more of a statement less of a painting.

The exhibition was a success all 6 of us really enjoyed the whole experience, the next time we do a show together more time needs to be spent advertising the shown so more of the general public can see and comment on our work.





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