Back to the studio

Before christmas holidays began I made myself a plan of work to do over the holidays, but after the 3 weeks I have had off I am still yet to complete my first task! But one thing I did find time to do over Christmas was to reflect on the prevoius work and to plan what to do next. The thinking time made me look at what my practice is and how to further it. At the end of last year my final pieces where very stuctured and also do 2D, the materials where intresting but not how they were displayed. Looking back the most successful piece was the gold room in the black box exhibition space, this was because of it interactive qualities. So to the year ahead, I have 3 paths which I would like to go down; the first is self supporting structures which have only one material but will be repeated. The next is a move different path to what I have gone before is using edible gold leaf on food which is not seen a expensive ie; fast food, and cheap every day items. The last is to cover the inside of a hole house with the same material as the gold room.


But before any of this I am completely clearing my studio so I do not use old work or be influenced by it.


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