Studio Reflection 4-8th January

Looking back at the work I created last term, the positive aspects were that I have found a key theme in my work the use of contrasting materials. But I was stuck from making another big step in my practice mainly by fear s something is working why change it. Most of my work over November and December was all wall based even screen prints or cement paintings. Which were a bit of a step backwoods from my work on the golden room and the golden box (black Box) project. These felt more finished pieces with many ideas which could lead of them but I didn’t really explore. But over a quick chat/crit with Paul my motivation and making new bold which I started to make this week. Ideally I would like to make a structure which can be covered in a material and placed in a landscape where the contrast between form and material would be. But for my first steps into this new work I decided to by a pre-made structure, a kids tent and then cover it in the gold foil where the connotations of this material, how is is built to save lives can contrast in making work. Also the use of the material is very uptodate in the current new with the refuge crisis which is happening at the moment.



Here is a quick covering of the tent but for a better finish when taken to a space I will cut the foil to fit. Looking a artist who cover work made me re look a the work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. There work is about wrapping, the early piece Wrapped Trees 1998 where on November 13, 1998, 178 trees were wrapped with 592,015 square feet (55,000 square meters) of woven polyester fabric (used every winter in Japan to protect trees from frost and heavy snow) and 14.3 miles (23 kilometers) of rope.The branches of the Wrapped Trees pushed the translucent fabric outward and created dynamic volumes of light and shadow and moving in the wind with new forms and surfaces shaped by the ropes on the fabric.

Wrapped Trees



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