Studio Reflection 18-22 January

Over this week I had a crit with Jonathan Parsons where we looked a the photos I took of my structure covered in gold a Waverly abbey. A blog post before goes into detail about this but in brief we concluded that I have to design and build my own structure so there would be no previous connotations on the work as using  a pre existing design would confuse what I  want to say. He told me to draw design and ideas until I am happy with the design then to make. Making a structure is something I have never even thought about doing before so the planing of this will take some time. Also using a landscape to place my work in I am interested a flowing this up and also looking  at different landscape which my work go fit in. Waverley Abbey was a very natural site and I think a more urban side would fit better with the work. Looking at the artist John H Franklins work were the essential paradox courses through his work are: A field of ambiguity where intelligibility crosses over into unintelligibility and immerses itself fully into the not-knowable, poetically charges Franklin’s work with intensity and power. Mainly looking at how he takes work out of the white cube surrounding as seen in the work Drifter (1996) and then how the work is taken outside in Drifter Adrift (1996).

Drifter Adrift 1996

Franklins work also looks at wrapping objects in a foil but with these work Gold Foil (1993) he never took outside of the studio giving in my opinion less meaning Gold Foil 1993



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