Building a Structure

When looking back at my first attempt of covering a structure and its initial floors and the context in which the work would be sit in the current contemporary art world I have decided to create a hexagon shape structure. But not a traditional hexagon where all lengths are the same. The idea is to create a tunnel like structure which will have 3 hexagons each 33% smaller than the one before. The idea of a structure which creates the effect of just landing in its space is the effect I want.


Because the structure needs to be taken outside so needed to make a collapsable structure. The initial design was 1m long which looked big on paper but after planing it out it looked to small.

After a new plan which made the structure 3m long and 2m high at one end and 75cm. This then created a tunnel.


All kitted up to wheld ! Which is one of the most manly thing an artist can do. And one of the most coolist thing ever! But on a seriousness note the design was changing into something interesting. And big which is good because my work has been critisied because of the scale.


The build took 2 days of whelding And the structure was completed. It’s overall size was massive and when taken out into studio it too over the space.

Experimenting with wrapping the structure for the last crit exhibition of the year.


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