Studio Reflections 25-29 January


For the most of this week I made the frame work for the structure. Which is going to be wrapped in gold foil soon to create a solid looking structure then to be taken out of the studio environment to be placed on location. This week is probably looking back will me a milestone in my development of my studio practice making such a big structure means I can never go back to making small wall pieces again. While making this piece I was looking at the work of the artist Isa Genzken and her recent exhitbions at Hauser and Wirth which were looking at the covering of objects in different materials. From this I have decided to wrap my structure in gold foil emergency blankets.

Hauser and Wirth exhibtion.jpg

The use of these blankets is very topical at the moment because of the refuge crises happening in Europe. The blankets are used to save lives and our typically seen on migrants after there crossing of the medetrainian sea. Using them on a structure will be quite a profound use of material.

Blankets in seria.jpg







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