Crit Show 3 Review

After moving my structure from the studio space I always work in into a new space where it dominated the room. Before having any crits for my work I have already started to plan a new structure so was quite interested on what the tutors and my peers thought of the work and my development from wall based 2D work to this.


The feedback from my peers from my year and also first year was very positive and they picked up more on the colour in which I covered the structure with rather than the structure itself. This was interesting view and I thought because I left the object not fully covered so people could see the structure this might of not worked but is something I will develop in my next piece.



The tutors feedback was also extremely positive they were impressed on the scale and also ambition of my work and very happy on the big development for my last piece. They linked the work to a boat like structure which I feel is quite interesting and something I will now look at developing. I explained about my first structure and how it was placed in a ruined abby both Greg and Paul thought taking my work again way from the White Cube space of the studio will enhance the work. They felt that I should play around with the way I have displayed the work first of all by turning it around to make the structure look more like a vessel than object and also putting on its side making references to clock towers and also space ships.


After the show was taken down I took the work back to my studio space the played around with displaying it. This turned out to be in my option a finished piece now it was upright.


Over all I was delighted that my ambition and also hard work paid of by the positive feedback I received. Pushing on from this I will continue developing my idea of structures in the landscape but with a more technical view on the work locking at both platonic structures and also natural structures.



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