Studio Reflections 1-5 February


Turning my structure to make it into a vessel. The crib show went really well and moving on from this my tutor Paul and I chatted about the use of the gold foil and the striking images which are on the internet of people on the beaches on Greece wrapped in the same foil blanket. We then played around with the structure I have already made to make it into a vessel/ boat like object which can be then linked back with the refugee crisis which i happening. The structure now is a somber reminder that peoples lives are being saved by this material. But also the desperation they are in that it could be feasible to make a bloating raft with these blankets to cross the sea.


Talking about this makes my artwork have a point in todays climate. Also all good art work makes people think about whats going on in the world and this piece now reads like that. Taking away the background around the image and putting a scene like the photo of the children on the beaches of Greece will take this piece to anther level.




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