Studio Reflections 8-12 February

For the majority of this week I was focusing on the Linner gallery Exhibition Hex-Education and its set up. The piece which I submitted was a photoshopped image of my structure on a grey background (more info on blog post Hex Education at UCA Farnham). As I have never used the program photoshop before this process of editing the image took nearly 2 days of work. The background of the piece was requested to be in grey to fit in with the space theme in the work. The grey had to be the correct shade of grey and fit in with the colour of the doors in the gallery space so this also took time to complete. Overall the making of the work and organising the hanging took most of the week, the hanging system itself was a very clever and subtle use of magnets with the head of a bolt hiding the use of magnets. 

During this week I also had a crit with the artist Johnathan Parsons about my work I submitted to the crit show work3 and also the Linner Gallery Piece. My ideas have changed recently I want to try a  depict already made structures into my work and then add my own twist on them. We chatted about how my last piece looked like a vessel and the ideas around this and the idea of a structure like an object but a useless version of this object. Looking at the old style of boat the coracle and making a structure from this design but with materials which contrast to the original.

Looking at this deign but then also looking how my object will fit into the wider world made us both talk about the refugee crisis again. The idea of making a vessel and covering it in the safety blankets would talk about these crisis and would reference also the Plstonic Soild and how this could be used into a old method of making.

The last part of the crit focuses on the way I make work at the moment which is mainly make then think of research. But a better way of doing this would be creating a system and method of Drawing Researching Drawing Designing then Finaly making so that when making a final piece I have the background to the work too.


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