Hex Education Linner Gallery UCA Farnham

A selected Year two Exhibition 

I was chosen to display a piece of my work in the Linner Gallery, it is a difference space to show work in as it’s very long and thing. And at the moment my work is big structures and there is no space to display them. I was proposed a few different pieces which I could make for this 3 week Long show the first was to cover a good proportion of the gallery with the Gold safety blankets which have figured in lots of my current work. This for me would be going backwards in my practice though due to the fact I had basically already completed a piece for the Black Box Project covering the inside of the space gold. The next proposal was to photo shop my structure which was displayed at work3 exhibition and place this onto a space grey background. This second proposal for me was exciting as it would push my expanding practice further. Photoshopping the image took hours to do which was frustrating but the overall effect was excellent.

Having the image of the structure small Surounded in a space grey background made the image look like it was floating in space. Having the work move from 3D to 2D has now given me idea putting the structure on top of different images and also different structures which will I think now be a big focus in my studio practice.  Getting back to exhibition now the next problem was how to hang the work. Bulldog clips and tape would take over the image so using the effect of bolting the image to the wall gave the idea of weight to the viewer.

But instead of bolting the image to the wall we used the trickery of magnets and the top of the blot to create the effect of bolting without the effort of bolting it to the wall. 


The rest of the work in the show played o f the theme of reflection and overall the quality of the work was good. 



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