End of Term Reflections March

My  core interests a few months ago where materiality and how contrasting materials can create a juxtaposition which then can be art. These interest originate from how I look at the processes that products are made.  As a maker one likes to be in complete control over the whole process in making my piece, from souring the cement and then physically mixing it by hand makes me connect with the work. This pieces came  by chance, by making one thing I am imaging in my head then what happens by finishing the work I have made something which at first I did not plan to do.


This image is from the second crit show I became to use the wall as it’s the most saftist thing to do for the show and the work as in the crit everyone pointed out was very commercial. Thinking back about this is proberbly why I started to move away from the wall but still wanted to use the material gold in my work. The use of gold again in the work was important and I wanted to play with peoples persona with the material gold. The common idea of gold is its a luxurious and exclusive material. Furthermore reading Hal Fosters essay Contemporary art and Spectacle and also The return of the real book, I thought using 2 already made materials which therefore create a spectacle out of everyday materials.


My first steps on making art which was not walled based lead me to the black box to create an isterlation pice  to create this experience was a big turning point for me as the space was public, therefore the work had to be a finished piece. Transforming the normal white bland space in the Quad into a Gold luxurious room. Because I want my work to be about materiality I juxtaposed this look alike expensive man made material with a cheap natural straw covered floor. Furthermore, unlike when I tested the piece in the Test Pace in the studios I covered the ceiling also in the gold foil. This transformed the space into a what could of been a billionaires over the top room. But with the use of the straw made the work more of an art piece rather than a blinged out over the top room. This is when I started looking at the martial I was using the gold foil safty blankets. To start with I was using them for the colour gold but they now have many more conectations as of the migrant crisi we coniutously see picutres of people in the news wrapped in these blankets which are saving their lives looking back at this piece now in the black box it maybe could see at home with the mirgrant camps in calis and the wooden stucutre straw floor and using these balnkets for warmth give a more sierous message than what I first inteneted to do.  Which is intresting how art can change with the worlds news topics.


Activating my work, my next step in changing my practice was to try sculpture, but to make it a mixture between the insterlation piece and aslo site sperfic work, instead of making a sturcutre I decides to wrap a pre exciting one, a kids tent and then cover it in the gold foil where the connotations of this material, how is is built to save lives can contrast in making work. Also the use of the material is very uptodate in the current new with the refuge crisis which is happening at the moment. Using a tent created a link for me to the insteraltion piece as the work could still be used for shelter. Looking at the works of  Christo and Jeanne-Claude. There work is about wrapping,  and their early piece Wrapped Trees 1998 where on November 13, 1998, 178 trees were wrapped with woven polyester fabric used every winter in Japan to protect trees from frost and heavy snow sheltering these from the elemnts linked back into croving a tent to keep warm. To activate the work I took it to waverly abbey where I could create a contrast with this space like object and the old ruins. Waverley Abbey was a very natural site and I think a more urban side would fit better with the work. Looking at the artist John H Franklins work were the essential paradox courses through the site and object.



When looking back at my first attempt of covering a structure and its initial floors and the context in which the work would be sit in the current contemporary art world I have decided to create a hexagon shape structure. But not a traditional hexagon where all lengths are the same. The idea is to create a tunnel like structure which will have 3 hexagons each 33% smaller than the one before.  Making such a big work is looking back will me a milestone in my development of my studio practice making such a big structure means I can never go back to making small wall pieces again. From looking at materiality to now the geometry and sequencing in the natural world which thus can be translated into a 3D sculpture is what I first intened this piece to be on. This first attempt of this idea, has been successful but in no way the final outcome. What I found intresting in the feedback I got from the crit was people more on the material I covered the structure with rather than the structure itself. This was interesting view and I thought because I left the object not fully covered so people could see the structure this might of not worked. But by Turning my structure I have already made to make it into a vessel/ boat like object which can be then linked back with the refugee crisis which is happening. The structure now is a somber reminder that peoples lives are being saved by this material. But also the desperation they are in that it could be feasible to make a bloating raft with these blankets to cross the sea. Talking about this makes my artwork have a point in todays climate. Also all good art work makes people think about whats going on in the world and this piece now reads like that. Taking away the white cube setting of this iamge  and putting a scene like the photo of the children on the beaches of Greece would give the work meaning not just in art but in wider culture.


Having the image of the structure small Surounded in a space grey background made the image look like it was floating in space. Having the work move from 3D to 2D has now given me idea putting the structure on top of different images and also different structures which will I think now be a big focus in my studio practice. The background colour gave this piece a somber side which in retrospect the work is somber as the main material used is that which can save lives.



What next: I am still not completely sure where my main practice is but looking a making vessel like objects and making them out of the same materials I have been using seems to be working at the moment. This piece here is trying to give the old fassion vessel the corceal into todays world and hopfuly it will float the setting in which it will float on will hofuly be the sea in dover which will bring the idea of making a stuructre which can carry people real.





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