Commercialisation in the art world

At the end of the day artist make work to make money, they may pretend otherwise but the fact of life means they need money to survive. These artist who are against selling work are mostly hypercrits they laugh and say that successful artist work is bad just because they are jealous that they are more successful than themselves. There is lots of jealousy in the art world mainly because it’s very competitive and only a handful make lots of money. At the end of the day all art students should strive to be the most successful artist they can be, I mainly measure success in monitory terms as without money you can’t be an artist. At a recent crit I was criticised that my work was to commercial by a few tutors, In my option this is a good thing as I can sell my work. But apparently this is not a good thing ? I agree experimentations is needed when doing a fine art derggre but shouldn’t the tutors in courage making work that could sell in the art market


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