Coracle in the Lake

Interacting with the landscape. The coracle was covered in the gold blankets which I have been using over the last few months which firstly links to the colour gold which is the main reason my I am using these blankets but by using them I have to bring up the fact that they are used daily to save lives which they have been pictured doing in Greece due to the refugee crises which is happening in Europe. But using this makes my work to serious and these piece was for fun mainly! The point was that the colour contrast with the beautiful natural environment I chose to picture the Coracle in. The contrast between the unspoiled landscape and the spaceship qualites of the piece works which makes this piece successful. But not trying to make any political refereneces in this piece the work sits in its landscape with ease.





By phyicaly placing the work in the lake I felt that I still had control in the work and as aspected the coracle floated and the photos which I took made this piece it was taken out of the normal studio enviroment and I think that is the way forward in my practice making work which can be placed in a site and not site spersific.


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