Interaction With My Art

Getting the public to see what I am making is a vital part in making work, there is know point making work for only fellow students and lectures to see. People need to interact with are or see it to make pieces successful. One way in doing this is the traditional rote of having a exhibition in London. This is a expensive way for people to interact with my work but very effective as I documented in my last London Group show in December. But the best way of getting my work out there is my social media mainly Twitter and Instergram used correctly hundreds or even thousands of people can view your work and interact by ever liking the post, retweeting you and commenting. All these are a great way of networking with artist and also spaces, some of the Galleries and Institutions who have interacted with me other the year are Soho Revue Gallery ( ,VS Unio an international Art gallery (,And  The Sculpture Network ( All of these have not just interacted with my work but have helped promote myself as an artist to a audience not just in London but around the world which would not of happened if I just promoted myself in London Galleries.


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