The Next Vessel – The Canoe

From the last vessel the corecal the development from this was to make a bigger more imposing vessel that had not as many cultural references. Also moving away from the golden safety blankets in this piece to try and make my work a bit more fun again and take away some of the elements these blankets bring with them. From a crit with the Artist Chris Jones we looked at how my work had been progressing over the last few months from the wavely abbey piece to the more recent corecals in the lake. All were recordings of my work and the materials from the piece were re-used in the next one. The materials for the canoe where from both the corecals and also my first large sculpture using these created a link back to the previous works and also created new works with the same material. The canoe was based on a deep flat lying amazoninan canoe the style was not to be like what a viewer would first expect when thinking about a normal canoe. By using the same mathematical sequence as before taking 33% on the width away every 75cm created more of a mix of a corecal and a canoe. When it came to wrapping this new vessel I found it necessary to explore alternative materials as I thought that I might have overused the gold blankets and the context surrounding them detracted from the concepts around the piece. As an alternative I found red plastic sheeting, the colour having links to strength, action and danger, which in turn links with the object of the canoe and its uses.

The canoe again would be recorded and the recordings would be the final outcome. Because of the time and the quality of the finish of the canoe I decided to make 2 main recordings of the piece one in the studio where I could take detail pictures of the finish and one outside on a car crating a effect like the canoe was going to be activated. Both of these final outcomes where different the studio one by itself looks uninteresting but with the outcome of the second piece both work together. By not taking the canoe to water gave a more fun twist in this last piece of the year for me, bringing back some of my original themes of process and making the work not to serious. But by removing gold blanket showed me how much I relied on this material to create an interesting effect.


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