As my work is increasingly about sculpture and interventions by placing it directly into a landscape and how the art work reacts to the different settings it has been placed in I was interested by The “Touching the Time” exhibition on the streets of Pisa by the Japanese artist Kan Yasuda. The work was commissioned by the city of Pisa to mark official celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Japan and Italy which allowed Italy and Japan to being selling goods to each nation.


The works are in direct contrast to the old historic street of the small Italian city where Yasuda modern Henry Moore inspired work juxtaposes it surroundings. This juxtaposition has interested me recently and the material which Yasuda has used Bronze and Marble. “My material, the marble is the material that occurs in the squares and monuments of Pisa which tells centuries of art and architecture. This is the time you want to touch and share and contaminate by my works. “Yasuda (2016)


His minimalist work has made the sculptures form with the upmost simplicity and the language reacts to Pisa most famous monuemnt the leaning tower . Yasuda explores how people want to touch this historic building because of the material used marble has a smooth quality which we want to react to. He calls this “Touch the time” Yasuda work is placed all over the city and creates  living presence in the spaces it sits in, the purity of the forms  demands the viewer to respect the process behind making the work and the perfection the artist has created.


Whilst most people walk though the streets of Pisa ignoring their surroundings and walking straight to the tower Yasuda has created a rote though this ancient city where the viewer can leave the Tower and walk through parts of the city usaly left unexplored. The twenty sculptures in the exhibition, from the Leaning Tower to the monumental squares and historic locations has given me ideas onto placing objects into built up areas, so far I have only allowed my sculptures to sit in a natural landscape but I will explore how to create a juxtaposition with my work and urban areas.



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