RA summer exhibition 2016

For the ever tradional Royal Academy the summer show for me was a supires this year. Unlike most years were walls from floor to ceiling in oil paintings and prints this was only confined into a few rooms this year meaning that there was at last exciting work on display. This bold statement from the academy follows the change this year in the art market, mainly the need for either large insterlations or bold sculptures which wish to engage the audience with meaning and the material used. 

Most nodiably this can be shown in Kultlug Ataman’s large insterlation price of TV in a room where the walls are full of the typical still life the RA is known for. Ataman work is what traditionist would call portrait photographs but the meaning in my view is more linking art to the current news. Ataman’s video price are hundreds of passports pictures which keep of changing and links to the great migration of refugees which we constianly see on all media outlets. While walking around the exhibition I thought how can any of this relate / help me in my practice for the upcoming year, and it has cemented my idea that all my art has to have links even vague ones to current topics which are being talked about.


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