Serpentine Pavillion Review

Walking to the Serpentine Gallery the 2016 Pavillion contredicts its parkland surroundings. As well as the main Pavillion the Serpentine have added 4 more temporary structures into the surrounding parkland. My main research over the last weeks has been how the setting of a piece of work helps the viewer to dictate if its art or not. And by going to this show has informed me more on this. Firstly this show was an architecture show and you can tell why, the work if placed in a gallery specially BIG Pavillion would of been art as the finish of the works was exceptional if the structure was placed say in the Turbine hall at the Tate if would of been to the viewer as a bold contemporary sculpture, but put out side with a cafe in the middle made this just a posh Starbucks.

pav 1

This unfortunately made the main summer Pavillion just another commercialised social event not an forward thinking art exhibition. But this has made me research further  into the way in which where art is displayed makes it art. The successful part of the serpentine summer show was the new site further in Hyde park where there was 4 different sculptures which in the less commercialised setting worked. Most notably Barkow Leibinger’s wooden “Blind Contor’ this bent wooden sculpture this showed that you can display work outside a gallery space and it can be art but the setting and whats around it.


So from this more research is needed to my idea of the setting and how certain settings make objects art, this will be a big part of my upcoming dissertation so I will be going to the new Tate Modern to see how objects on display there are art.


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