Work in Studio 19-23 September

Incorporating a whole year project this week left little time for any real studio work and preparation for a group exhibition on Monday 26th. The work I did do is the start of a bigger project which will hopefully last all year and is based on collections and the found. With this in mind and the short time I had to make work for a show at the Flying Dutchman in Camberwell I focused on imaged based work. The subject of these was for a collection and using the nautical theme this collection was on chains; steel, rusty and plastic. The images themselves in my opinion did not stand out enough for the exhibition and were too much of a test piece. To try and make the work for the exhibition I added a colourful background to each image replicating the idea of Michael Craig Martin’s work but instead of painting the are ink jet prints which document this found objects and by adding colour to them the chains are no longer seen as utilitarian objects.



Craig-Martin’s early works explore the conceptual possibilities of contemporary art, testing the boundaries between functional and functionless forms. The introduction of digital technology in recent years has resulted in the breakdown of the relationship between form and function, a process that Craig-Martin captures in his depictions of successive inventions, from the battery to the cassette to the laptop. Lightbulb (magenta) 2015 is a sculpture by Michael Craig-Martin, produced on the occasion of the exhibition Transience at the Serpentine Gallery. Based on a drawing, it suggests a three-dimensional object but is almost completely flat. Craig-Martin’s selection of this everyday object draws attention to its design, while its bright colour contrasted with the natural landscape of Kensington Gardens, reminding us of the heat of a ‘real’ incandescent bulb. Like several other objects depicted in the exhibition, the incandescent bulb typified an invention that has been superseded by new technologies. (

Related image

Light Blub (2015) Michael Craig-Martin

My prints are images of 3D objects which by the use of a colour background have been made to look like flat paintings. This then reference to the Picture Plain theory where object are taken from 3D and are shown in 2D.

Display of the works also references Michael Craig-Martin exhibition ‘Transience’ at the Serpentine Galleries.   His work all linked with each other mainly in what was dipicted in each piece and also the bold background colour he uses. By displaying my work as a series of 3 images  links to his display. The contrast of colour draws the viewer into looking at the subject but without these bold colours the work could easily be overlooked


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