Studio work 17th-21st October

The idea of activating the found anchor but making have a gallery standard Finnish made me think about how you throw an anchor from a boat this action needed to be shown as part of the peice. My original idea was to create a peice where the anchor would be hanging from a board which had been painted in a bright colour like the found chains. The first thing was to make the board to a high standard cambering of the edges and then painting it to a high quality.

With this achieved I wheled together a new gaming system for the anchor to hang from. 

This then will be hung from the centre of the board. Originally this was going to be it for this piece but before I have even finnished I have had amd idea to make it look like the anchor has been thrown into the board. Hopefully by Monday this will be done and be ready for the criteria exhibition next week.

Diane Simpsons work has influenced how I will display this piece. 


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