Studio Work 23-28 October Why?

You get asked a lot why are you making this kind of work and also what theory is behind your art. The more I think about it the simpler my response is; firstly, I make the work basically because it interests me. This may not be the response people want but why try and make things up when it’s not true, the art world is full of people who pretend their work has a bigger meaning when it clearly does not. When I make work I have to be intrigued by either what I am making or the process I am learning to make it. Making brash statements in my art is not who I am or will it ever be. But making work which people can see a lot of skill has been used is. This unfortunately doesn’t please many Fine Art people, this type of person loves work which is brash, badly made and simply a bad joke, when you get talking to them about your work they say you need to activate it, give it colour, make it stand out. But to me these ideas are too slapdash and basically a cop-out in trying to make work ‘cool’. Hence why this week in studio after finishing a piece of work which took over two weeks to complete and being told that it had a ‘to good finish’ I nearly cracked, the art world at the moment is filled to the brim with these ‘brash/ slapdash’ artist why would I want to be like them there everywhere at the moment a soon people will come to terms with how bad their art is and why we should not be trying to replicate work but by being unique and different the work can have it say. I was told recently write down a list of work I hate, but dose this need to be a list just walk into any contemporary art gallery and 98% of the work in there is this, but then people say it’s the meaning behind it that makes it good I disagree, If you cannot read the meaning behind the work before you think the work is rubbish it should stay in that category. You do not need to be told by yet again these ‘Fine Art Theorists’ that its you that has a problem with the work not the work being a problem. There it is, rant over, but from now on I am only going to do work I am happy with a not jump on this band wagon of brash art ever again.


This work above if from a series of found object I have been collecting and soon to be made out of bronze.


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