Gavin Turk Black Box Curatorial Project

From seeing Gavin Turks peice ‘Normad’ (2003) at the Foundling Museum I have been intrigued by his work and why he makes it. Turk is referenced in my dissertation for remaking objects, and his use of bronze.

Then I found out he was the next artist in residence in the black box. A perfect was to see his work up close and also to attend an artist talk which could be insightful for my dissertation. Since finding out he was coming I became part of the black box technician team. So it was my responsibility to get the space ready and his work on show. This included getting a plinth to his requirements for his bronze pillow and setting up this small exhibition. 

The space even though small had to be in a perfect condition to show this £40,000 peice of work. With help from Laura and Srin (he took this picture) we set up all in time for his arrival.

The talk about his work made we question my own practice and what is it I would like it to be. Other than object based mine is quite broad. But during his talk a put it down to 3 things which I will bring up in a later blog. But this install and talk had given me confidence to not make massive work but to make work which I am interested in not what others.


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