Inflatable Arm Bands

These objects were not found as such but the idea came from the same object which I saw floating in the river a few weeks ago – for obvious reasons I did not try and collect them as this single arm band was in the middle of the river- the idea that just one of these bands was intriguing. What happened to the other one, who was using it and why was one floating away. These iconic object are close to us all as without them learning to swim would be harder and host people have used them in their life. So the significance was an interesting to see how I could make these objects activated in a studio setting.

The thought process I had to start with was to play with these to look like they are in danger so with this I made a spear to mock up a piece which would use ever arrows or a fishing spear the effect was good there was a tension between the point of the spear and the elasticity of the bands creating a thought in the mind of the viewer of how easy they could pop and the effect it would have it they did. To just show one of these bands will also cause this too. To continue this for a final piece the bow will need to be more dangerous looking but the hight from the floor has to stay low.

Another way I tried to show these Arm Bands was to display them on the blue board which was different to the first affect. But the board which was originally  for the anchor so the metal which was coming out of the board overshadowed the bands.


The contrast in colour also worked very well, so after the crit show I will work on this more to finish this piece.




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