The Buoy 

Found in Woolwich, this small buoy was still whole unlike many  you see that are destroyed or partial along the river bed. Through remaking and casting this object my intension is to immortalise an impact of a collision or accident that would usually pop back into shape as if nothing happened in a plastic buoy. By casting in bronze I am taking the cushioning factor of the plastic and making it solid and destructive if it came into contact with an expensive vessel. In addition to this part of my idea is to not only remake the buoy but to replace it back on the river bed. The monetary value of bronze means that this action has more impact, I am not just tossing away a bit of plastic. The new buoy is expensive and has been carefully crafted. I intend to cast of a series of buoy’s that would thus capture this moment where these expensive vessels could be damaged and after it is used the buoy’s are just thrown into the river discarded and forgotten about. This project will be expensive and casting 4-5 in bronze will cost hundreds of pounds and also the time it will take this maybe the last significant piece I do before the degree show, so perfection and simplicity are key.

One half of the first few buoy’s casted in wax.



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