Presenting the Buoys

I am struggling with how to present the buoys once they have been cast. The first idea is to have them individually tied with a weight on and placed on the river bed at low tide. Documented. Then after a week I return to the site to see what is left of the intervention. Document.

Each one I put contact details to encourage people to take and share why and where they have taken it and what they will do with it. but this idea is not financially practical I would need to get funding for a project like this.

Alternatively I could do away with the documentation and make it about the object, they are hung by rope which is connected to cleats that are pinned high up on the wall.

Talk about the presentation of theses artists works

Rachel Whiteread, Untitled (100 Spaces), 1995 (resin)

Al Taylor, Layson a Stick (Blue Balls), 1992




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