Propsoal For BargeHouse

For what will be our London Degree Show I wanted the piece to be ambitious and new compeared to work which I have completed.


Bargehouse Proposal James Fish

1) what is the work? describe dimensions, themes, materials , if it is wall based or sculptural does it involve tech?

Bronze rope and anchor displayed which have been GPS tracked through their journey through the Thames to  a location where they have been either found and returned by a member of general public or collected by myself.

The mapping will be either banner printed and hung to the wall or tacked though TV monitor. The bronze will be displayed next to the maps for each object either on the wall or on plinths.

2) outline your ideal space

A large room where both pieces can be displayed on opposite walls with good lighting so the maps can be read.

3) Are there any restrictions? eg. weight, size, sound, light, equipment



On a site visit I chosen a room which you can see the river out of the door when you walk in. This connection between the space and the work is quite fitting

Space near river idea for tracker serieswp-1487434047003.jpg

How to display map

About fabrication of journey the work will be titled to make the journey real

Text around the work discribing maybe on screen or on projector


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