Crit Show Review

To uses this show to review work in progress but in a exhibition environment. Working with my idea of the found relic the piece ‘Hermes’ Lost Rope’ was based around visits to the British Museum. The most important aspect of the piece was the text to go along side the rope and image to explain to the viewer about the rope and how it was lost and then re-found to create a narrative in the work even though it was a fake one.


The work set up in such a way in which all details and parts of work are in a oblong shape which is one of the techniques the British Museum uses when displaying works. Unfortunately the wall was brick which took away the perfect finish of the work and the line of the bricks ended up feeling like part of the work. Furthermore, the white walls take away the boldness of the image and rope where as at in the British Museum they use dark colours on their walls so that the work stands out, this is something I am looking into if I peruse this idea for degree show.

Feedback I received was positive in the way my practice has advanced over the last few months, but the piece was critiqued for being to easily read and that all the information was their to be seen which left no imagination for the viewer. Also the way in which the rope was propped not invisably hung.

To progress with this idea the image needs to be bigger printed onto ether fabric or onto metal.And a title is all that is needed for the work to be read.



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